“MR DesignNet will take a consultative approach and analyze your current situation and suggest a cost effective solution that will meet your needs and be relevant to your particular industry, market segment or express you on your business. We learn as much as we can about and from our clients so that we can effectively utilize our expertise to present ideas that make a difference.”


Years of experience with a portfolio that includes a wide range of clients in various industries including medical, healthcare, building, construction, hospitality, technology, retail, utilities, energy, industrial, manufacturing, transportation, law, real estate, sports, travel, arts, conservation and entertainment.

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Creative Skills:

7 years as a professional web designer, proficient in WordPress, eCommerce shopping carts, advertising skills for company brands including digital media, logo design, brochures and business cards. Create invitations, slideshows, video production and editing, photo editing using Adobe Photoshop.

Marketing Skills:

12 Years in marketing including search engine optimization (SEO), internet and web marketing, create banner ads, blogs, newsletters, articles, press release, submit websites to search engines, internet researcher, set up and monitor social media and proficient in eBay and Amazon Selling.

Administrative Skills:

16 years of administrative skills in word processing, scheduling appointments, event and travel arrangements, input data entry, bulk mailing, create PowerPoint presentations, monitor emails and respond to clients emails, assist in customer support, create professional resumes, proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, create and send out newsletters.

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