Sell on eBay

Need help selling your collectibles or items? Let a selling professional sell it online for you on eBay or Amazon the world’s largest marketplace. Do you want to sell your items, but lack the eBay or Amazon know-how to list, administer your auction or buy it now price to get the highest price? Do you want the exposure of the Internet without sacrificing your privacy?

We sell anything from antiques to jewelry, musical instruments and electronics, and collector items on the worldwide marketplace in front of competitive collectors and buyers, so you get the best resale price.

We have satisfied clients and buyers and have maintained a 100% positive feedback and have over 8 years of experience.

Our fee structure is:

35% of the first $200
30% of the next $300
20% of the amount over $500

Call us at (830) 431-1670 or email us directly for any questions.